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The Collective Issues

Once mere creations of fantasy and fiction, superheroes lived only on the pages of brightly-colored comic books and in the imaginations of children - at least that was the case before the Last War of Wars broke out like nuclear wildfire across all seven continents, and humanity began to systematically annihilate itself one missile strike at a time. In a last-ditch effort to reestablish peace, a group of scientists and world leaders initiated a secret military operation to design and modify an army of the first Enhanced Life-form Prototypes in Humanoid Engineering, or ELPHEs. With the world on its knees, these genetically-enhanced super soldiers returned mankind to a time of peace and prosperity, and a new world order had begun. Fifty years later, the new generation of ELPHEs has taken up that calling.

Eighteen-year-old Lexa Laney was packed for her holiday to Prague, and was set to leave four days after graduating from the Northeast Academy of Higher Learning, when she received word that she had been accepted to the Unified Nations Military Corps. This was surprising information as Lexa was confident she had not applied. Of average height, average build, and well-below-average ambition, there was no recruit less fit for service than Lexa Laney, and she was sure that eight weeks and a new wardrobe weren't likely to change that fact. Nevertheless, it is as they say: when destiny calls, just try and play dead until it goes away.

Eleanor Thibeaux lives in the Northern California Bay Area with her computers and coffee maker. As an Audio Engineer and Producer by day and a writer by day and sometimes at night though she does get sleepy, her love of and obsession with gadgets and technology is obvious; her sizable collection of superhero themed coffee mugs that can no longer be contained in one cabinet is not. She does what she wants. No regrets.


Eleanor Thibeaux

If you've got a book deal you're looking to award to an upcoming writer, then look no further. But I'd also love to hear from you for feedback about my work, or if you want to explore something particular about the universe of my fiction or the even stranger universe of my life.

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